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CRM in the Hospice Industry    
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CRM in the Hospice Industry

As the nation’s population ages, the hospice industry has little choice but to expand. Baby boomers are graying and fueling demand for quality care both now and as they near the ends of their lives. Today’s hospice organizations are seeing increased patient loads. In fact, according to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, in 2004, the benchmark of serving over 1 million patients was reached for the first time. In 2009, over 550,000 people volunteered their services as hospice volunteers. With millions of patients and volunteers to manage, smart hospice organizations are turning to CRM software.

CRM, or customer relationship management, software serves the hospice industry on several different fronts including as customer service tool, caseload management tool, and as a sales tool. Together, improvements in each area deliver another positive benefit: a competitive advantage.

CRM as a Customer Service Tool

While CRM is primarily associated with managing customer relationships, your patients, their family members, and your referral sources are your customers. In hospice, not only do you need to keep your primary customers, your patients, comfortable, you also need to communicate effectively with other parties involved in their care. CRM software designed for the home health care industry helps you to manage relationships with all of your customers. You can even set it up so that physicians are instantly notified when a specific event such as a death triggers such as notification.

CRM as a Caseload Management Tool

Depending on the size of your hospice organization, having a central database where employees can readily share notes, histories, and other patient data may be crucial. Because of patient privacy regulations such as HIPAA, security is essential. Make sure to select a CRM program designed specifically for home health care and hospice organizations so that only those who need access to protected health information can get it...  (Download entire article)

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